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With the outstanding culture Mexico is brilliant for the couples and families. Everyone can learn all about the Aztec’s, visit the Mayan Ruins and drink the world famous Tequila.

There are a few new places in Mexico called the Chinchen Itza, totem poles and archaeological ruins. Why not go at Easter for spring break? They have many festivals to the Mexico’s glory!

Mexico is also famous for their spicy food, flavoursome bites which are Tacos, mole and also Gucacmole or even be more adventurous and try the ants and they’re grasshoppers… if you dare!


Cancun is known for its nonstop partying they have, but there is also beaches there with clear blue seas and softest sand for the familes to enjoy, there is a million and one things to do, such as diving, fishing, jet skiing 4×4 jungle tours or even boat trips. But there is a load of other things to do in Cancun, brilliant place.

Puerto Vallarta

Is on the pacific coast, has long board of powdery sand and coves with rocky caverns and rock pools. They have crystal clear waters to hold an amazing marine life making it the perfect experience diving, snorkelling, whale watching and even swimming with dolphins. They also have loads of golf courses available, so whatever you plan on doing… they’ve got it all!

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, this place is paradise… It has the beaches, the jungles, the mangroves and the outstanding wildlife in this area, this is the place to take trips to visit the wildlife and ancient jungle ruins like Chichen Itza and Calakmot.

If your more into the current nightlife than ancient history that floats your boat then head to the Playa Del Carmen and enjoy the fabulous nights.

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