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New Zealand

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A surprisingly compact country – just 1,000 miles from the tip of the North Island to the toe of the South Island, and only 280 miles at its widest point – New Zealand holidays invite you to explore the exquisite natural beauty of this country. From majestic alpine peaks to lush sub-tropical rainforests, golden sandy beaches to spouting geysers, one day is seldom like the next and the sights and sounds of your New Zealand holiday will never be forgotten.

Make sure your camera is the first thing you pack in your suitcase, as New Zealand is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. From lush ancient forests, to stunning snow capped mountains, it’s a country built for adventures. A land which from underground caves are lit with the spectacular patterns of glow-worms, all the way up to the tips of towering volcanoes, nature didn’t leave any detail behind. It’s no wonder that its landscapes have been used in both the Chronicles’ of Narnia and Lord of the Rings films. If you’re a fan, be sure to make time to take the tour of Hobbiton and grab a drink in the Green Dragon Inn.

It’s not just the sights and landscapes that keep people coming on holidays to New Zealand – many come to enjoy the cosmopolitan cities or fascinating Māori culture. Many of New Zealand’s museums house paintings and artefacts’ from the Māori people; although if you want to see the culture a little more up close, head to an ‘All Black’s’ rugby game to watch them perform the traditional haka.

While the culture, cities and stunning sights can be found in both the North and South Island, the climate of the two is quite different. The North Island boasts warmer air, so the variety of beaches, coves and natural hot springs are a big hit with both locals and visitors alike. So much so, that Auckland has been affectionately named ‘The land of sails’ because people just can’t wait to get out on the water. If you’re not too tired out from all the daytime activities, Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city – is host to a huge range of nightlife, from ambient restaurants to extravagant theatrical shows.

The cooler climate in the South Island makes it the perfect home for two fascinating glaciers. They provide stunning views and can be easily walked across, or seen from the air on a helicopter flight. If you’re a wildlife lover, make sure you take the opportunities’ for whale and seal watching.